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5 min readApr 17, 2022


The ultimate tool for every bettor from casual up to professional, that delivers everyone valuable information using blockchain transparency blending quantity with quality in a bespoke fashion.

World Cup 2014, Brazil

8th of May 2014 was the first day when our Android app was live on Google Playstore. We got 5 downloads that day. :) Next day, on the 9th of May, we got an additional 10 downloads. By the start of the World Cup in Brazil, 12th of June, we reached 707 downloads while on the 11th of July, 2014, we had a breaking 245 downloads. By the end of the World Cup we reached almost 3.000 downloads.

We then noticed that a catalyst such as the World Cup is significant for products & services that are related to football/soccer in general. By June 2015 we reached 100.000 downloads.

As we were receiving many requests from our fans, we focused on building the iOS version of the app in late 2015 and on 6th of December we published it on the App Store. Downloads came in as many of our fans were just eager for the app to be available.

Back then the scenery of mobile apps serving users with information on scheduled matches was fluctuating between quality and quantity, in the sense that some apps used to show few matches, too few in our opinion, while others were displaying many matches but lacked quality. During the course of 2014–2015 we received a lot of feedback from our users as we constantly asked them what they would want.

We decided that the best way to help bettors is to offer them a variety of betting types, and this is how Pro Soccer Tips was born.

With feedback from our users we started developing a system that would cover a generous list of competitions (over 200) worldwide, that include leagues, cups, tournaments, etc. Therefore we included three mainly used betting types: single pick, double pick, over/under 2.5 goals and added one of the hardest betting types used by any bettor, the correct score. This way users in our system could have a total of four options for each match that was listed inside the apps, a feature which helped them make better decisions.

Going further we constantly improved our apps backend, UI & UX in order for users to have a better experience and also for us to be able to manage our data with more efficiency. Since the launch back in 2014 and up until 2018 we have reinvested most of the profits into the technical aspects of the project, focusing on efficiency and optimization.

World Cup 2018 & idle mode

Without going too much into details, back in 2018 we hit the first bump in our venture during a large update that was planned to be implemented. Due to a difference between technical opinions on the teams that we collaborated on our technical development we have reached a moment from where things were looking like they won’t go further, or at least not the way we planned.

We then had to put the project on idle mode and beside the update we had some discussions with some potential investors which were interested in our apps. Those discussions have not reached any materialization as our vision and their vision were quite different.

Bitcoin in 2017, spring 2021, and then there was crypto

Our first encounter with the crypto space was in 2017 when several of our partners offered us Bitcoin in exchange for advertising spots in our ecosystem. With a relatively low knowledge about the blockchain and while the industry was on the constant development which is underway even now, we have considered those offers and accepted them, however not fully understood the potential of blockchain and the crypto space back then, let alone the potential of Bitcoin.

Fast forward to spring 2021 one of our advisors who is highly experienced in the tech area in general and also a crypto veteran since 2013 suggested to us to consider relaunching the project using an ICO/IDO. We have then started to research the blockchain and crypto space in general and what benefits it could bring as well as what benefits we could bring to our users by using the blockchain technology.

In one of our meetings we discussed this option and at one point, someone mentioned that blockchain can provide a fully 100% level of transparency to every data that is passed through the system, moment when we realized that this is exactly what our project needs.

With services in the industry of sports betting having doubtful integrity and ethics, with blockchain we could now launch version 2.0 of our project while guaranteeing our users with a full 100% level of transparency, thus allowing our users to focus simply on their selections.

Between 2014–2018, we displayed precisely 203.488 predictions and we have never modified a prediction so we can pose well on the ‘gram. This is not meant to those that offer similar services as we do, but to prove that ethics & integrity contributes to stability and communities usually seek for these values within the lines.

Pro Soccer Tips ICO/IDO

We invite you to check our project presentation materials using our LinkTree where you will find our website, whitepaper, pitch deck, tokenomics and our social links.

Up to this point we have several VC communities that have shown interest in our project therefore there is enough room for opportunity for everyone. Even though we scheduled the TGE during May 2022 we are open to push this date a bit forward as fundraising is highly important for the project to be successful. At the same time, the World Cup 2022 which is the catalyst of this year will definitely contribute to project development, therefore we are looking for a FCFS model for potential backers for our Seed & Private rounds.

Our native token is designed to be a utility token within the ecosystem and later on we have scheduled to release several NFT collections which will also have direct utility into our ecosystem. More about this can be read in our Whitepaper.

Thank you for taking the time to read our article and also for your potential consideration in investing into our project!

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